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 A holistic approach, our aim is to focus on the tender interconnectedness of body, mind and spirit. through personalised touch, we are able to explore where your body holds tension and how to alleviate it.

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Holistic Massage Therapy 

— Amy is a body work practitioner specializing in holistic massage + cupping therapy. In early 2020 she graduated from the london school of massage, with merit & the hopes of building a womxn focused massage practise. For her first couple of years Amy was operating out of a cozy home studio but, thanks to your continued support, Tiny Touching has proudly opened a new studio in Deptford! Different location but the aim is the same; to create a safe, judgement-free zone for sweet humans to release tension + revitalize their energy.

Amy is now offering ' Pay What You Can Afford Thursday Massages '  for more details please visit her website. 


For more informations please visit Tiny Touching or drop us an email.


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