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Tuttii Fruittii London

Tuttii Fruittii The Technicolour Hair Sculptors began in 2015  with a vision of creating an empowering space

in which any person of any gender sexuality, age class could walk in comfortably

and feel they can ask for any look or style they dream of.


We want our clients at the hair salon to feel happy and refresh their perception of themselves. This can come in the simplest of forms with a sharp and smart hair cut to an extreme “TechniKolor Hair sculpting” transformation.


Offering many services including "Fruittii Patterns" shaves, all over colour bombs, balayage, and extreme innovative sculpting. The latter is our art form of perceiving how you shape and wear your hair. People are getting more and more interested in this. We take on restyles and total transformations every week at our London based hair salon.


Tuttii Fruittii Hair Sculptors is a full sensory human experience where you will encounter magical beings to take care of you and your hair, listening to the finest music and be delved in the freshest artwork in London.


We love the social side of the space where people gather and just hang out. It creates community energy which is such a rich part of the culture that we need in London.


Tuttii Fruittii London is an authentic space for the people of Deptford and beyond. We always want this immersive space at our London Barbershop and Hairdressers to offer a feast for the eyes and a total reinvigorating experience



all about


Be Free and Open-Minded

here, that is all I ask.

"It’s crucial to me people that people see how the Fruittii Touch is for everyone in this world.

The most important thing that this Salon stands for is that it is all about YOU.

Creating this exact hairstyle that defines you and touches your soul,  I want to leave you feeling confident.

We all want to feel good about ourselves and this is my mission.”


Independent hair salon

zero Judgement safe space for all gender identities and sexualities

gender neutral pricing

we listen closely to what a client wants

LGBTQI+ space

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