Popular hairstyles for Christmas 2021

With the festive period looming there is still time to get your hair cut, coloured and looking fabulous with us, but what’s popular at this time of year?

Well, we usually see a lot of autumnal colours at Christmas time, with many people opting for delicious copper and golden tones, as well as deep reds and sumptuous browns. Not to mention, we see a few of you bursting with Christmas spirit and choosing green hair – after all, reds and greens are the best-known colours of the season are they not?

However, if you’re not sure on what hair colour you want to see in the New Year with, let us inspire you…

Current hair trends for Winter 2021

Iridescent Copper – Peachy/orange shades made an impact in autumn but are continuing through Christmas. It’s a striking look that injects a bit of colour into the skin during the colder months, and is especially good for anyone with a pale complexion.

Coffee Brown – Not quite jet black, not quite brown! A coffee coloured head of hair boasts a deep shade of brown that verges on black but is more complementary. It’s also a great transition shade if you want to go black but aren’t 100 per cent committed to it just yet.

Money piece – A money piece frames your face as you take the front strands of hair and go bold with a colour lighter or darker than the rest of your hair. A popular choice with celebs, it works with all hair colours and most styles.

Pearl Blonde – If you’re not sure you want to step out of your comfort zone too much, but still want something new for Christmas, then an opalescent or pearly blonde will help to give you the subtle pop that you need. This blonde shade leans towards pink, an almost shimmering metallic colour.

Warm Brown – A simple yet effect look, keeping the roots darker with softer ends gives you an effortless look that look natural and is easy to maintain. Great for darker skin tones.