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Top 7 tips for looking after coloured hair

If you have coloured hair, you know that your biggest struggle is keeping the colour vibrant. Here are our top tips on managing your hair to extend the colour’s life.

1. Don’t wash your hair too often

Don’t wash your hair every day! This will cause your hair to fade quickly as you’re striping your hair of colour and its natural oils that help to keep your hair looking luscious. Don’t be afraid to use dry shampoo to help with greasiness and to help keep your hair looking fresh in-between shampoos. We recommend only two or three washes per week.

2. Use the right shampoo

When choosing a shampoo go for a shampoo specifically available for coloured hair; they help protect your hair from colour loss. Opting for a low sulphate shampoo is best as it will reduce fade. Nourishing shampoos (and conditioners) are great for dyed locks as they help to give much-needed moisture that is lost through colouring.

We recommend Kevin Murphy shampoo to help keep coloured hair looking fresh. Their REPAIR.ME range includes products that help to reconstruct and nourish your hair using shea butter and aloe vera extracts. Speak to our team next time you visit us about which products would be great for your coloured hair.

3. Don’t skip on conditioner

Conditioner is really important when you have coloured hair as it forms a protective barrier around your hair, helping colour to stay for longer. When you use hot water to wash your hair, you open your cuticle causing colour to leach out. Conditioner helps to prolong your coloured hair’s vibrancy and life. It also improves moisture, leaving your hair looking silky smooth. Make sure to use a conditioner formulated for coloured hair as well.

Kevin Murphy is great for coloured hair. The ANGEL.RINSE conditioner contains hydrolysed oat protein which is able to add volume and body while the mango and cocoa butter gently repairs your hair, making it a great choice if you colour your hair. We think Kevin Murphy products are great and stock them in our salon so come in and check out the range we have if you’re considering using the products.

4. Use lukewarm water

As explained, hot water can open your cuticle and you can lose colour and damage the hair. Use cool or lukewarm water when washing your hair to prevent this and prolong colour as hot water is one of the main reasons colour fades.

5. Avoid the hairdryer (if you can!)

Air dry your hair whenever you can or ensure you’re using a good heat protectant spray. Coloured hair can be more vulnerable to heat and hairdryers, straighteners and curling wands can damage your lovely coloured hair and leave it looking fry and flat.

6. Use leave-in treatments or masks

Conditioning your hair is extremely important, but not just part of your typical hair washing routine, you also need to be thinking about hair masks to deep condition your hair regularly too. Masks can help to repair damage, provide nourishment and keep your colour looking brighter for longer.

7. Be aware of the sun

The UV light emitted by the sun can affect your hair – ever noticed your hair is naturally lighter in summer? Well that’s not necessarily a good thing, and it can happen all year round too, it’s just more noticeable in summer as the sun’s rays are at their most harmful. Opt for hairsprays with SPF in them to keep your locks protected. And, use them year round!

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