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Gender neutral clothing brands we love

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Lucy & Yak

Originating in New Zealand, Lucy & Yak have a strong message and continuously try to be more inclusive and diverse as a brand, offering a wide collection of dungarees, jumpsuits and boilersuits, bottoms, fleeces, jackets, t-shirts, skirts and dresses – something for every style.

Lucy & Yak pride themselves on visiting their suppliers regularly to ensure they are paying a fair wage and their materials are ethically sourced. They even have a section on their website that details where the cotton they use is from to increase visibility surrounding their clothes.

With the aim of being ever more inclusive, Lucy & Yak stock a wide size range from XXS to 4XL for many of their items, meaning their clothes are accessible by many and make it easy for you to find something you love. They aim to stock all products in UK sizes 4-32 by summer 2022, followed by petite and tall options.

The team also listen to feedback from customers which isn’t something many places do, and clearly state changes to garments on their website. For example, they added 2cm to the length of a dress and have revised the fit following feedback they received – it’s refreshing to see brands be so transparent.


GFW, which stands for Gender Free World, design clothes for bodies and with that have four different shirt options, the Alex, the Billie, the Charlie and the Drew, that offer something for everyone. The company was founded in 2015 and wanted to push back against a world that has become incredibly gendered based, which effects not only our clothing but all parts of life including gifts, toys and even toiletries.

The brilliance of GFW is not that they are trying to eliminate gender, just the restrictions that gender puts on individuals and the choices they make through their clothing.

The different styles they offer mean you can find something for you depending on your body opposed to your gender. The Alex is created for wider hips, the Billie for larger busts, the Charlie for someone who’s shoulders and hips are similar proportions, and then the Drew is for broad shoulders, narrow hips and longer bodies.

The company has great values which focus on freedom of gender expectations, equality and being able to love who you love regardless of biology or gender, gender diversity, quality and fairness – no sweatshops or child labour here!


Created by likeminded creatives in the east end of London, Continu is a brand inspired by fits through time – think vintage paired with nostalgic sportwear and street culture. Combining old with new, Continu8 creates something different with sustainability, inclusivity, accessibility and art being at the centre of everything they do.

Continu has a range of clothes that are comfort meets style, with hoodies, trousers, t-shirts, joggers and jackets in a range of colourways to suit your preferences.

The clothes are made from recycled fabrics, with all pieces being genderless to give their customers a broad range to choose from. The company also plants a tree for each garment purchased to keep the company Carbon Neutral.

Goose & Gander

Duo Maz and Olly created Goose and Gander with a vision but no experience in fashion. A real passion project, the company didn’t take off until 2016, when a lino tee they created appeared on ASOS Marketplace. After that, the company went from strength to strength, with their unisex clothing a hit due to their quality fabrics and great fit.

Not only do they do a great range of clothing from hoodies and jackets to joggers and even underwear, they also have accessories such as beanies, rucksacks, bucket hats, and jewellery. You can put together a whole look that is uniquely you from their range.

Ratchet Clothing

Every item of clothing is hand dyed, handmade and handprinted, making each piece unique, something that the brand prides itself on, that and being affordable.

Ratchet Clothing offers unisex tie-dyed products in an array of vibrant colours – you will definitely stand out in these pieces that’s for sure. Choose from t-shirts, hoodies, joggers, dresses, tracksuits and jumpsuits, many in sizes small to 5XL.

The company was started in 2012 by its then 16-year-old founder, and it has grown into a well-known brand, with a celebrity following including Miley Cyrus, Drake and Rihanna, among others. The colour and creativity are apparent in this brand, and it is made with everyone in mind.

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