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Get to know the Tuttii team - Elle

How long have you worked at Tuttii Fruittii London?

I’ve been working at Tuttii Fruittii for about 5 months now since moving to London from my home town of Portsmouth, where I first trained in hair.

How did you always get into hairdressing?

I was mentored heavily in many colour techniques, particularly balayage, and bleach and tones. I’ve had training courses in both classic cutting and modern textured looks incorporating razor cutting. I got into hairdressing after having dropped out of college and not knowing where I wanted to go from there. I’d always loved doing hair for myself, my friends, and my family, so I figured I’d try and make a living from it and started my apprenticeship.

What has been your favourite hair creation while working at Tuttii Fruittii?

I don’t think I have a favourite look I’ve created because part of the fun is how varied each day and client are. I do love cutting interesting shapes like skullets though.

A dream hair style you’d love to do

Something I’d like to do more of is painting on buzzcuts as I love being able to use the head as a canvas.

Your favourite thing about living and working in London?

I find London to be a really great place to live and work. I’m surrounded by so many cool, like-minded, creative people. You can always find something to do or a new beautiful place to explore.

When you’re not working, what do you enjoy doing?

Where I live, I’m surrounded by green commons and woods which is perfect for me to recharge. I like to take a sketch book and doodle the nature, I spend most of my free time working on some art project or another, from scratching and painting to working with textiles.

How would you describe your own style?

In terms of my style, I’m not sure I have a ‘look’ or anything. If I had to say, maybe like a children’s cartoon character but make it grunge!

Your favourite hair products to use?

My favourite product is the Kevin Murphy Super Goo because it’s super flexible and can create super structured looks.

Style you love on yourself the most?

For my hair, the colour and length changes all the time, the only constant is that there’s usually a bit of pink in there somewhere.

Loved getting to know Elle? Follow them on Instagram… @Ellehairo

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