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Hair styles through time (1920-1990s)

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

The 2000s and 2010s saw a multitude of different hair styles dominate, from beachy waves, the bob, and poker straight hair to the lob, bold fringes and a pixie cut, to name a few.

Bold colours, and daring and unusual cuts, have all been popular in the last 20 years.

Unlike previous decades the noughties have given way to freedom of expression through hair and allowed us to explore who we are through our hair without the rigid style constraints that we’ve seen in the past.

That’s not to say that vintage styles aren’t glamourous, interesting or edgy, in fact, they defined their eras, and some looks have had a resurgence in past years. The popular 80s mullet, for example, has come in and out of fashion, most recently in 2020.

Which decade has been your favourite?

1920s hairstyles

Short bobs were all the rage in the 1920s. The perfect accompaniment to the flapper dress, this sleek style was very popular and was sometimes curled to contrast the sharp short style. Fringes were also common at the time and were blunt, while black hair was preferred.

1930s hairstyles

From sharp 1920s bobs to wavy and sweeping, the 30s saw an overall softer style take centre stage. Still keeping the short length, curls and waves in platinum blonde were commonplace and this romantic style was the gateway to the pin-curl of the 40s.

1940s hairstyles

The most popular styles of the decade were pin-curls and the victory roll. With longer hair coming back into fashion after two decades of short bobs, this gave people the chance to experiment with glamourous waves. Victory rolls were commonly associated with pin-up girls, with the style framing the face.

1950s hairstyles

The 50s saw long hair be chopped once more and, while curls were still popular, they were pulled back off the face. Hair styles at the time were designed to be easy to do and the Italian cut, inspired by the Italian movies at the time, became popular. Soft bobs, made famous by Marilyn Monroe, were a versatile hairstyle that suited many face shapes.

1960s hairstyles

The 1960s saw several popular styles emerge – it was a period of discovery for many and hairstyles followed suit, with volume, short bobs, updos and backcombing all being popular during this decade. Models like Twiggy epitomised the short crop while Audrey Hepburn rocked The Beehive.

1970s hairstyles

Layered bouncy hair with a flick was the strongest look of the 1970s. Think Farah Fawcett! The feathering that framed the face paired with big waves that curled away from the face was a big hit, as was the sun-kissed look.

1980s hairstyles

The 80s really saw the evolution of the 70s layers and choppy styles with two-toned highlights. These looks took a lot of styling to achieve and could be wavy or straight. The mullet, mohawks and larger-than-life styles were also big during this eccentric decade.

1990s hairstyles

When you think of the 90s, many people will think of ‘The Rachel’. An iconic haircut inspired by the TV series, Friends, The Rachel is chunky layers with face framing. The other signature look of the decade was long, straight hair, often with a fringe.

Inspired by the styles of the last century? If you want to experiment with your style and take on a new cut or colour then we’re available to help you achieve your best look.

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