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New year, new hair routine!

Everyone makes resolutions in January – that many usually give up on after a few weeks – but a simple one that you might not have thought of is to make a few changes to improve your hair quality.

Hair is easily damaged through our day-to-day routine, but there are simple tips and tricks to having healthier hair and a lot of them aren’t that time consuming. Your hair can also appear thicker and glossier through a little lowkey maintenance.

Adopting a few of these could really help to improve your hair and give you the boost you need when it comes to your locks. You don’t even need to do all of them, just pick two or three and you could really see a difference if you keep it up.

1. Invest in a good hair mask

Hair masks leave your hair shinier and softer by adding moisture into each strand. They can also reduce frizz. A hair mask once per week will really help your tresses. Use it in place of your regular conditioner.

2. Brush from the bottom up

Brushing your hair from the top to the bottom is VERY common, however it can cause a lot of damage. Brushing from the top bunches knots together and you have to force them out, this leads to breakages and weakens your hair.

Switch to brushing from the bottom up and you’ll see a noticeable difference.

3. Swap your brush for a comb

In fact, brushing in itself can cause damage to the cuticles and stress your strands, and your scalp. Combs can tease out knots and are less harmful to hair. Although brushes can still be used when your hair is dry and being styled.

4. Wear a silk cap to bed

This is particularly important if you have a curly hair or if you have a protective hairstyle as it helps prevent friction at night and therefore reduces frizz. However, it is also beneficial for other types of hair, as it can help prevent split ends.

Silk caps can be expensive but are beneficial. Alternatively, a silk pillow is renowned for its benefits, helping to keep you cool at night and allow you to retain the moisture in your hair, rather than absorbing it.

5. Should you trim your hair regularly?

While it’s generally considered a myth that regular trims help the hair grow, there are still benefits to having a routine when it comes to cutting your hair. The hair appears thicker and healthier after a trim!

6. Don’t wash your hair every day (unless you have to!)

Overwashing your hair can strip it of its essential natural oils which is important for hair health. Your hair can feel drier and therefore more easily damaged. Washing your hair every 2-3 days is generally recommended to keep hair healthy.

7. Add Brazilian Bond Builder to your colour

When you do get your hair coloured, opt for Brazilian Bond Builder to be added whilst colouring your hair. It is formulated to help prevent damage during all colour services, protects against loss of cuticle and cortex cells, dramatically reduces breakage, and improves pigment retention.

With coloured hair, it’s easier to start with healthy hair and maintain it, so choosing this on your next trip to the salon and will help keep your locks looking lush and strong.

8. Use oil DAILY!

Add hair oil into your routine, especially if you have naturally curly hair as it can help to soften and hydrate curls. Oil is also great as it can improve hair growth and strength roots.

Applying hair oil daily is recommended as it increases circulation in the scalp and aids repairing damaged hair. Be sure to apply to clean hair/scalp which is either damp or dry, allowing it to be absorbed as oil will not penetrate a water barrier.

9. Use lower temperatures on straighteners (or stop heat altogether)

Heat can damage your hair, whether it’s hot water when you wash it, the hairdryer or a curling wand. Limiting how much heat you use will make a big difference in your hair’s appearance. Air dry your hair where possible so you have less breakages as heat can seriously weaken your hair.

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