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What is Pay What You Can Thursday?

At Tuttii Fruittii London, we know that hair is a vital part of who we are as individuals. Our hair is a reflection of our personality and identity, instils in us confidence and gives us a way of expressing who we are without restrictions.

In order to support our community, on Thursdays we offer a service called Pay What You Can Thursday. This allows us to offer haircuts to those who are not in position to pay full price as they may be from low income households, students or homeless. We want people to still be able to get their hair done, as while some consider it a luxury, we know that the benefits of even a simple cut can be immeasurable to some.

We believe that everyone should have access to self-care and we provide a space that everyone can come and have their done without being worried about the financial impact this may put on them afterwards. Having your hair refreshed and revived can make you feel like new and Pay What You Can Thursday allows us to share in this happiness.

We have a fantastic community around us and we know that this service helps a lot of those in need of support. It is especially important now as well, as Covid-19 has left many in difficult situations. We are proud that so many can utilise the service and we have seen many students, people on benefits, people who cannot work due to disability, and those who typically struggle with the day-to-day book with us.

What haircut can you get on Thursdays?

This isn’t just the opportunity to get a little trim off the ends, we offer full restyles to ensure you leave feeling your best. Whether you have short, medium or long hair, we can transform your hair and give you a renewed look with the cut of your dreams.

Who is Pay What You Can Thursday for?

The service was created to help those who may not be able to afford a full price service. This may be used by a variety of people for a multitude of reasons, such as those struggling to find a job or those from low income households, students living off their loans or similar. This service is really to support those who need it and they pay what they can afford.

Our salon is an inclusive space and we welcome all genders and sexualities, and any hair type and length, with specialist barbers and hair sculptors available to ensure you get the best person for your hair type.

Sliding scale pricing

When thinking about what you can afford to pay, we ask you to pay within a sliding scale, so this means that for short cuts, we ask for £10-£40 with a cut using lasting 30 minutes to 1 hour. For medium and long hair, we ask for £20-£60, with a session lasting 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes. A wash and blow dry is an add on of £5.

The sliding scale allows us to keep this service running and makes it fair to everyone who relies on this service. Please note this is a cash only service.

How to book for PWYCT

Due to high demand, we don’t accept walk-ins on Thursdays and work to pre-booked appointments only. If you would like to book please contact us.

Tuttii says, ‘When you've had a haircut that you really wished for or even if someone cuts your hair exactly how you wanted it, it can boost your confidence massively and this helps with mental health, clear your mindset and have a positive impact on a person’s well-being, even if it might not be obvious at a glance.

‘Getting your hair done is like removing an unwanted weight off your shoulders, saying goodbye to the past and bringing in a positive new beginning of feeling good about yourself!’

This isn’t an exhaustive list, we know that many will be impacted differently by the simple act of a haircut and our main aim is to always listen carefully to our clients and what they want to change about their hair. This is because we know the value of being listened to and, leaving our salon with what you want, can go a long way.

For us, nobody leaves unless they are million per cent over the moon with their new look!

Want to know more about Pay What You Can Thursday? Email our team at

Find out more about Pay What You Can Thursday on our website:

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