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What it means for us to offer an inclusive space

Our community is really important to us here at Tuttii Fruittii London. That is why we ensure that we provide a safe and inclusive space for everyone who comes into the salon.

There is no judgement within our salon.

We pride ourselves on having an intentional space which does not tolerate racism, transphobia, sexism, homophobia, fatphobia, ableism, ageism, classism, or elitism. We also do not stand for hatefulness or prejudice towards any faith or mental illness.

When you come to Tuttii Fruittii London to get your hair done, whether it be for our TechniKolor Hair Sculpting, a balayage, a cut, or something else, we want you to feel seen, included and welcome. And, that has been the vision since our inception.

We began with an idea of creating an empowering space in which any person of any gender, sexuality, age, class or from any walk of life, could walk in and comfortably ask for the look they dream of.

Now, we provide a social space that offers something to the community. We don’t just offer hairdressing services, but a full sensory experience, where we aren’t confined by societal gender norms or stereotypes and instead give platforms to uniqueness, individuality and freedom of expression.

We believe it is incredibly necessary to have spaces that are inclusive for all, and especially vital to have an inclusive space in London, as those of us who live there are part of a living history, helping to change the ever-evolving tapestry that is London’s culture.

As a result, everyone that comes through our doors is catered to, including all hair types, and because there is no limit to what we can offer you when it comes to your hair, whatever you vision is, we can accommodate you.

At Tuttii Fruittii, our mission is to give you the hair of your dreams, and there are no boundaries to what we can achieve for you, to make you feel your most authentic self.

However you identify, our team prides itself on making you feel as welcome, comfortable and accepted as we can. Our team is a mix of barbers and hair stylists and are happy to use your preferred pronouns and name. Please see our team page to find out about our team, their names, pronouns and their specialisms.

If you haven’t yet visited us, we look forward to meeting and welcoming you to our salon and barber shop in Deptford. For those of you we already know, we look forward to seeing a familiar face once again.

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