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What to ask for when you want a barber cut

It can be difficult to know what to ask for when you want to cut your hair short, especially if it’s the first time trying a short haircut. This can be made 10 times worse if you are choosing a style that fits more with your identity or that makes you feel comfortable, but you are concerned about how your barber may respond. Plus, if you’re visiting a salon you’ve never been to before that can add unnecessary pressures.

We want to make this experience as easy and as worry-free as we can. That’s why we’ve listed the basic terminology below, so it’s one less thing for you to be worried about when it comes to visiting a salon and cutting your hair short.

Ask for a FADE if you want a longer cut on top that then gets shorter at the sides and fades into your skin as it goes down your head/neck.

Ask for a DISCONNECTED UNDERCUT when you want texture and messy length on top with a very short underneath section – this could even be shaved if you like. This gives you a very defined top and bottom section.

Ask for a SHORT BACK AND SIDES if you want a short clippered cut around the back and sides which seamlessly connects to a longer section on top.

Ask for a TECTURED CUT if you want the top of your head to have a thick cut of hair that is defined with layers.

Ask for a BUZZ CUT for a short, one length cut all over. You can have a very short cut which is usually a number 1 or a slight longer cut up to a number 4.

Ask for an ASYMETRICAL CUT if you want your hair to be longer on one side than the other. Your hair will likely sit to one side with a lot of volume and a neat trim around the rest of your head.

At Tuttii Fruittii London, we’re an inclusive salon, and want everyone who steps through our doors to feel welcome and safe with us. We don’t judge and we don’t discriminate.

If you are looking to have a short cut for the first time, our team can guide you through the process and help you get the cut that you want and makes you feel uniquely you. We know that isn’t always possible in some salons but our salon is respectful of your identity and will do everything in our power to give you the haircut of your dreams.

Click here to learn more about our barbering services.

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